Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My Art

This piece of art was inspired by Shane Hansen.
In this piece of art the green koru represents the gardens with the most beautiful flowers
I love looking at.
The blue koru at the bottom of the page represents the pool where everybody makes a huge splash.
In the center of the page is the totara tree that children love climbing.
The blood like koru you see in the corner is the bright and happy sun spreading red,orange and yellow rays of joy and hope everywhere.
The white figure beside the tree is my house bird the tui.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Room 20's Item

Room 20's Assembly Item 2015
This Item was about room 20's opinion on whether the council should build a supermarket on paki's paddock or not.
Please Comment And Enjoy

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cave 5 Senses

Image result for cave  Caving!

I see, Nothing but darkness

I smell, Fresh air up ahead 

I hear, Birds chirping
I feel, Soft mud squishing under my shoes
I taste, Dirt floating in the air on tongue my as I walk
I think, When will i ever find the end of this cave

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


On Friday I received something mind blowing from my Poppa.  it was an..... I-PAD! the most spectacular thing in the UNIVERSE. I said to Poppa, “Is this mine?” Poppa said, “Well this is you’re 9th early birthday present so yeah it belongs to you.” I was full of excitement I couldn't wait to open it but first I had to empty the rubbish bin and the wheelie bin because my Poppa can’t walk very fast and only has one hand that works. But I was to tired I couldn't do it but I had to if I wanted the I-Pad. So after a few minutes of rubbish I received my I-Pad if I didn't have my Poppa I would not have any technology, He’s the best person you could wish for.