Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stuck in the gorge

So there I was sitting in the front seat. My three sisters in the back. Then I kept pressing the head light buttons. I see my mum holding on too the hand brake. Suddenly I feel a big THUMP!!! She said we ran over a rock and it cut open the radiator. Mum was in a panic so I grabbed her phone and rang 111 and asked for the police. Then we rang for a tow truck.

The policeman came within half an hour. He gave my mum his jacket and he gave me his hat which mum took a photo of me wearing and put it on Facebook. It was embarrassing.

So it took 8 hours to get home. When we got home me, Maia, Jayla and Willow were all nearly asleep. So we went to bed. I was brave and everything turned out right.   

Based on "Fortune favours the bold" from Wonder.


  1. I enjoyed this writing so much, Maddison, that I had to publish it for you!

    You sure did the right thing calling the police for your Mum. I like the detail about your Mum sharing your photo on Facebook. Have you got the photo?

  2. That was a funny story and also very interesting!!

  3. Maddison, what a descriptive peice of writing. So descriptive that I could visualize the whole story. Well done.

  4. That sounds a little bit scary. Thats great that you we brave. That is a very long time to get home. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Maddison that was a great story

  6. Where were you Madison? That sounded very scary. What a great piece of writing, Keep it up

  7. i like your story maddison very sceary

  8. Great story Madison.
    Show us the photo your Mum took of you.
    Well done.

  9. nice job Maddison
    it looks so ataahua (beautiful)
    and keep up the mahi pai (good work)